What Lidl products can be bought online?

What Lidl products can be bought online?

The Lidl supermarket is one of the best known in Spain for the quality of its products. But also because of the temporality of some of them. And all bazaar products are temporary and only last a few days in stores. However, do you know which Lidl products can be purchased online?

Due to the insistence of many users, Lidl ended up setting up an online store where you can find many of the bazaar products. Although some are also temporary, others remain on the web throughout the year so they can be purchased. But what are they? How to access? We tell you everything below.

Lidl's website

online cooking offers

If you search for the Lidl supermarket on the Internet, the first results that will appear will be for the official website, lidl.es. However, on the main page there is not as much reference to online shopping as there is to the different items that are brought in twice a week. It is true that the online purchase appears in the menu, but if you click on this it still takes you to the main website.

Now, if you go down a little further you will see products with their prices and the possibility of purchasing them online. Many of them are the same ones that are in the stores, but there will be others that have been in the stores and cannot be found in them now.

In addition, It has a special section with Offers, products that they offer at cheaper prices to get them. As for sales, most are between 40 and 50% off their normal price. They don't have many articles, but they do change day by day.

But how to buy online? And what products are there? Let's analyze it more slowly.

Lidl product categories that can be purchased online

online garden offers

If you don't feel like going to Lidl stores, or you are looking for an item that is not currently available in them, the option you have left is to try the supermarket's website. And to know what type of products they sell, you need to go to the word Menu that appears next to the store logo. There, a menu will be displayed on the left side of the web page (in the case of mobile phones, the entire screen will change).

And what will you see next? The first thing will be the online shopping menu where, here, you can see what product categories they sell. Specifically, you have:

  • Kitchen. Where you will find small appliances, kitchen utensils, tableware, organization containers, cooking utensils, cutlery, kitchen textiles and spare parts.
  • DIY. This category is divided into power and hand tools, accessories, work clothing, workshop machinery, and storage and transportation.
  • Home. Where you will find furniture, decoration, household linen, bathroom accessories, electronics, cleaning and organization, mattresses and rest accessories, lighting, air conditioning and sewing machines and accessories.
  • Garden. In it you will have the following submenus: garden furniture and decoration, tools, accessories, mosquito nets, camping products, swimming pools and inflatables, accessories for the beach and the outdoors.

Apart, You have a special section with current offers, among which you find the top sales, garden, children's day, offers, and some special sections or products that have been put at a discount.

Now, we must warn you because in all the categories and subcategories that we have mentioned, the truth is that There are many products they have for sale but you wouldn't think it when you see them. For example, pet products. If you put a product for dogs or cats in the search engine, or simply these words, you will see several products that are for sale and you can buy online.

Thus, to the question of which Lidl products can be purchased online, the answer is not as simple as it may seem, because although we can be guided by the categories, the truth is that our recommendation is that you use the search engine for that product you are looking for. know if they really sell it online or not.

For example, in the case of plants, they do not sell them, but you can find accessories related to them (except the substrate, which is not for sale online either).

How to buy online at Lidl

shopping basket

Now that you know that you can buy online at Lidl and that there are many products that you can get, the next step is to know how to purchase those products from the Lidl bazaar. Shall we explain it to you?

The first thing you will need is to create an account. You will do this at the beginning or at the time you process the order.

Once you have located the product or products you want, you will see that these, When you add them to the basket, they will appear in it when you click to see the total and start the purchasing process. On the same basket page they will also notify you when you could receive the package, not a specific day, but a specific period of days (it will depend on whether there is a weekend or holiday in between). Generally, orders are received within 24-48 hours.

If when you review the basket you see that you no longer need it, you will only have to click on the buy now button to start the process. And the first thing they will ask you is to log in with your account, if you have one, to create a new one or to buy as a guest.

Our recommendation is that Create the account so you have a record of your purchases and there are no problems later.

You will have to enter your address and payment method to be able to definitively process the order. And once done, you will receive a confirmation in your email and they will notify you of the steps being taken (in preparation, delivered to the agency, etc.).

Of course, unless you reach a minimum, shipping costs are 3,99 euros.

And the returns?

They are just as easy as shopping. Because You can return online (where they send a courier for what you don't want), or by going to a physical store to proceed with the refund of the money.

Now that you know which Lidl products can be bought online, would you dare to buy online at the supermarket?

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