4 types of SEM campaigns for an eCommerce

Maybe if you have a digital business you feel the need to carry out some of the SEM campaigns that are enabled in the sector. But first of all you should know that the term SEM refers to the acronym for Search Engine Marketing and that it is when we talk about paid search engine ad campaigns. It is a fairly common strategy in online businesses and from where you can get an economic benefit.

Because SEM campaigns at the end of the day will help us optimize visibility and of course to increase the accessibility of web sites and pages due to the actions that occur from search engines. This is something that, on the other hand, is part of your objectives when undertaking a professional activity of these characteristics. Not surprisingly, you should remember from now on that through these sponsored ads on those search engines (Google AdWords, Bing Ads or Yahoo! Search Marketing) you will be in a better position to drive quality traffic to your website.

On the other hand, do not forget that he will carry out SEM campaigns for an eCommerce can bring you many benefits from now on. For example, that it can compete in better conditions against competing companies. As you will generate in a very short space of time a better return on investment. Through different SEM campaigns for an eCommerce that we are going to expose you below so that you can apply them without excessive complications in the coming months.

SEM campaigns: receiving more traffic from Google

Of course, Google is one of the most powerful search engines in the sector at the moment and as such you should take advantage of it in your business profit. From this rational approach, you can choose the best campaign that meets your real needs in your professional activity. From where you are in a position to meet the following goals.

  • Sales opportunities: through the actions that take place in these operations since the conversions in the advertising media.
  • Website traffic: It is another of the goals that you should set yourself from this moment through something as simple in appearance as it is to get the right users to visit your website.

And on the other hand, you will have the necessary resources so that your commercial brand is valued and also of the products or articles that you commercialize. It is after all a very special strategy that is aimed at allowing users to discover your products or services in a more persuasive way than before.

Prepare your launch

These marketing strategies, on the other hand, will allow you to be in the best disposition for the preparation of a campaign. online does not require a lot of time and, in addition, allows changes to the minute, according to the needs of the advertising company. With benefits as tangible as those that we are going to list for you right now:

  • It generates a good volume of visitors from the beginning and what is more important, a segmented traffic.
  • You can get more visits and what in these cases can be even more profitable, of higher quality.
  • The final effect is that the sales of your products, services or items will increase from that moment and without too much effort on your part.

Of course, you can also access the query of all the parameters. So that in this way, you can optimize all the actions and with better control of them.

Use multiple ad groups

It is another of the systems that rarely fails to achieve your goals in your online store or business. This is because the more ad groups we create, the more effective our campaigns will be, since they will be better segmented. In this sense, it is very important that you create and define them by groups since there will be some that work better than others and it is those that you have to make profitable from now on.

One of the tricks you can use is to go for the ones that attract the highest number of clicks. Through the control panels they can be controlled more easily than before. While on the other hand, it is always very beneficial that you can count on a few lines to include the title, the text and the link (URL) of the ad. It is a solution that can help you improve the goals that you have set for your e-commerce.

Remarketing campaigns

It is a very special strategy that can give the first fruits in incipient online businesses or that at least have not been developed as you expected from them. Not surprisingly, if this type of campaign is characterized by something, it is because it allows you to show ads to users who have previously been to your website in general or in a specific section. But with one difference that you must take into account from now on and that is that these actions have not been executed as we wanted.

In a way, it is a second chance they give you to promote this kind of concrete action. It is a system that is very suitable for all kinds of advertisers who want to increase their sales and who target the best potential customers who use very specific technological devices to carry out their tasks. Two campaign formats can be differentiated:

Display remarketing.
Search remarketing

Shopping campaigns

In this case, they are aimed at companies that have an online store or business and want to carry out a shopping campaign to appear in the most specific search engines within the sector. For this, it is not necessary under any circumstances that you get to incorporate a list of keywords into the programmed campaign, as is the case with other strategies with similar characteristics in their approaches.

In any of the cases, this class of commercial campaigns are distinguished above all because they are used to increase sales in a store or online store. As well as to attract new users who can become potential customers from that moment. Finally, it is a business opportunity that is open to those responsible for these lines of business.

While the main objective of video campaigns is to increase the preference of users for our products or services, and in order to progressively promote greater knowledge of the commercial brand and its corresponding branding. It is where it is highly recommended to create various types of these audiovisual products to facilitate contact with customers and users. At the end of the day one of the most relevant goals in electronic commerce, as has been demonstrated in recent years with the figures presented by the sector at the moment. Because you can improve the effectiveness of your online business from various kinds of approaches in the world of digital marketing.

Although by way of summary, it will be completely essential that from these moments you can previously define the objectives of your campaign. Not in vain, depending on them, the success or not of the results of these actions will depend. With differences that you must take into account from now on, as is logical to understand.

Turnover grows in Spain by 250%

Electronic commerce in Spain has become in a short space of time one of the most thriving sectors of the business fabric due to its unstoppable growth in the number of sales. In this sense, the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) calculates that the turnover of ecommerce in our country has gone from 2.823 million euros to 10.116 million. Which in practice means a growth of nothing more and nothing less than something over 250% in a total of five years.

But what is more important at this time, not only is it growing with respect to its turnover, but on the contrary, online shoppers are also growing in our country. During the past financial year, this parameter shot up to a figure very close to 19 million Spaniards. By showing that they bought their products online, which means another 18% advance over the previous year's figures. But a very relevant data that confirms the rise of electronic commerce in this period is that the average purchases in the old continent are exceeded, from 12% to 11%.

The aforementioned report shows that growth in online sales in our country is common in practically all categories. Although there are some where the trend is more relevant, such as in the following business sectors: fashion (50%), beauty and personal care (41%) and technology and electronics (39), as the most important at the moment.

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